The inconvenient truths & unexpected realizations: my trip to Guatemala

Reading Time: 5 minutes  As I sit cozily in a funky coffee shop, sipping my fair trade certified coffee, I remember the arduous process of climbing up the slopes of a volcano to visit the coffee farms in San Miguel Escobar, Guatemala. There were a few brothers, who took on farming from their father and began their own fair Read more about The inconvenient truths & unexpected realizations: my trip to Guatemala[…]

Humans of Guatemala

Reading Time: 4 minutesI started this journey thinking of it as just another school trip that would only give a little break from the everyday hectic Toronto life. But, the streets, the villages and most importantly the people of Guatemala changed my entire experience. They opened their lives, homes and hearts to us and welcomed us in as one of their own. Their faces, smiles and stories have inspired me and will remain close to me forever. This photo essay is a way to spread their stories and lessons…

buildings in london

Living on a busy street in London was never dull

Reading Time: 3 minutesStudying at University College London was one of the most rewarding experiences of my university career. Although the British system is different than the North American one and took some adjusting to, it was amazing to learn new theory, take medical anthropology courses I couldn’t take at UTM at a school ranked second in the world for my field of study, and be taught by world renowned professors […]

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