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Are you curious about international travel and study opportunities available to UTM students? Are you an international student needing immigration support? Are you looking to participate in internationally themed events and actives around campus? If so, the International Education Centre is your go-to resource for all things international!

Who are we?

Our team is dedicated to supporting incoming students with their transition to both Canada and UTM, current students through various travel opportunities and international services, and all students by providing a cultural bridge in which to learn about the world.

Our team is a made up of dedicated individuals with a collective goal of helping students. Here are some of the people you can expect to find in our office:

Cristina Puha – Certified Immigration Advisor

Andrew Sedmihradsky – Global Mobility Coordinator (Exchange)

Julie Guindon – Global Co-Curricular Community Engagement Coordinator

Megan Stevenson – Assistant Coordinator, International Students

Veronica Vasquez – UTM Abroad Coordinator

In addition to the full-time staff, our team features 24 amazing student leaders — some of which have written blogs on this page. Our student leaders can be found around campus wearing their signature red IEC t-shirt.

What we do?

Immigration, health insurance, campus activities & events, and travel opportunities are just a few of the topics we can help you out with. Here are the top five things you can expect from the IEC:

  1. Immigration Support – we know the immigration processes can be challenging — and expensive. Our Certified Immigration Advisor can help you with a variety of things including: your study permit applications, visa requirements, off-campus work permit, post-graduation work permit, AND with your Permanent Residency application up to three-years after graduation at no additional cost!
  2. Study Abroad – studying abroad is one of the best ways to enrich your student experience and learn about the world. You can choose your own adventure by taking a UTM course and travelling abroad as part of it with UTM Abroad or by taking up to three semesters abroad through our Exchange We have more than 120 partners for you to choose from!
  3. Health Insurance – while the Canadian health care system can be confusing, having the right tools in place can completely change your experience. All international fee-paying students are automatically enrolled in the University Health Insurance Plan. Our office can help you to obtain your coverage card, understand your insurance policy, and get you acquainted with the supplementary health and dental insurance plan offered by your Student Union (UTMSU).
  4. Short-Term Travel Opportunities – one of the unique options of our campus is the opportunity to participate in a short term travel opportunity during your study breaks. You can travel internationally with UTM Abroad or visit other provinces and cities of Canada with UTM Across Canada.
  5. Events – throughout the year, both our office and outstanding student leaders will offer several events, sessions, and programs on and off campus for you to connect with other students, learn about Canada and the world, and engage with your community. Keep an eye out for our weekly bulletin and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date and find out more information.

How to contact us?

We are here to help you… and we love to chat! Listed below are various ways you can connect with us:


Phone: +1 (905) 569-4716 Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm (EST)

Office: Davis Building 2071 Monday to Friday 12:30 pm to 4 pm (EST)

Follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram