Top 5 Reasons You Should Try UTM Abroad!

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Get experience in your field

“I decided to travel to Peru with the International Education Centre because of my interest in global health! The theme of this course trip revolved around traditional and modern health care systems in Peru, which was really helpful in comparing the types of programs to pursue here in Canada. Being exposed to these different health care environments and global issues gave me a good understanding of what I would be interested in working with in the future.” – Bismah

Connect with local communities

“I enjoyed my trip to India because I got to meet with several non-profit organizations that were all working towards helping their local communities. It made me feel like I could make a difference in my own community too.” – Ela

Get out of your comfort zone

“Backpacking might sound like a daunting activity but if you don’t try it how do you know it’s not for you? Try out a different way of travelling as it can also teach you to pack light, explore the place beyond the touristy areas and engage with the community!” – Meifa

Develop your research

“I partnered with UTM Abroad for my masters research, and was able to do fieldwork on the other side of the world. That research was the foundation of my thesis and my masters program would not have been the same without it!” – Marlo

Learn a new language

“I think all UTM students should consider going abroad with UTM Abroad and the IEC because it is a fantastic opportunity to learn a new language! When I went to Peru, I had the chance to improve my Spanish through interacting with the locals and immersing myself in their culture! This is an experience that I will always cherish as it allowed me to develop a new perspective. ¡Lo recomendaría muchísimo!” – Farinaz

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