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As the hot summer days draw to a close, it’s time to embrace a new academic year. The first week of school is filled with plentiful opportunities to get involved on campus, and departments running events to welcome new and returning students. Here at the International Education Centre, we asked staff to reveal six things they think students should know about our department!

Experience a Semester in Another Country

“I guess it’s kind of shocking that a lot of people don’t take the advantage of the Exchange Program because there are over 120 schools we are connected to. And at the same time, over 70% of employers’ value global experiences. So, this a disconnection I look forward to bridge.”

Jason, Exchange Programming Assistant

Come out to our IEC Events!

“As an Events Assistant I will be planning and executing events for students here at UTM for the upcoming year. We will be hosting around 4 events per month, and I assure you they will be tonnes of fun. I look forward to meeting you!”

-Raqshanda, Events Assistant

International Travel Opportunities with UTM Abroad

“It’s amazing to listen to different people talk about their experiences with UTM Abroad. I think that if you can, you should definitely take advantage of these experiences we offer. I mean, traveling to Cambodia, Italy, Paris, Thailand seems pretty cool right? I am so excited to be working for this portfolio this year and I hope you will join us on our upcoming trips!”

-Sherice, UTM Abroad Programming Assistant

When it comes to Immigration, I can help you! 

“It’s important for incoming international students to know that you should always maintain a full-time student status in university to be eligible for a post-graduate work permit. This eventually leads to permanent residency in this country. Also, full-time international students are automatically authorized to work on- or off-campus for limited hours by virtue of solely having a valid study permit.”

-Cristina, International Student Immigration Advisor 

Discover what Canada has to Offer

“UTM Across Canada is a new program that the IEC offers and we are looking forward to having our students experience enthralling and diverse travel opportunities in this spectacular country. Explore Canada, its provinces, cultures, foods, landscapes, museums and many more aspects! Along with the experience, students will also receive a CCR notation for their participation.”

-Honna, Across Canada Assistant 

Community Building and Outreach

“We are the first point of contact for all students who come to the IEC. We can get international students in touch with our Immigration Advisor for immigration related inquiries, and we can help ALL students get in touch with people from different departments and help them become aware of the events going around campus!”

-Emily, Outreach Assistant

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