Discovering Mississauga and Toronto

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Whether you come from near or far, moving to a new city comes with new faces, new streets and new places to explore. Read about how third year commerce student Mohammed Asad is involved with the City of Mississauga and his recommendations for places & restaurants people should check out!

When it comes to the city of Mississauga, Mohammed Asad is very involved – he works for the city, volunteers within the community, and is continuously finding new activities to do within Mississauga.

One of those activities Mohammed always recommends to newcomers of the city is Kariya Park. “It’s a small little park that makes it seem like you are in the middle of the forest, but you’re in the heart of the city,” says Mohammed. “It has cherry blossoms trees, a pond, it’s nice and quiet.”

If nature isn’t your thing and you prefer the concrete jungle, Mohammed suggests checking out the Mississauga Civic Centre. “It’s open to the public and they often have tours around the building, and a really cool museum,” he says. “It’s right in front of Celebration Square (beside Square One Shopping Mall), which also has tonnes of events to check out.”

Some of these events at Celebration Square include: Tuesday movie nights, weekly Zumba dancing, and yoga classes. “If you go there you’ll see it’s always filled with people.” Mohammed recommends looking into their list of programming, and notes that most events are free to join. “If you want to find out what’s going on at celebration square it’s all on the City of Mississauga’s Facebook page.”

As for activities outside of Mississauga, Mohammed recommends discovering the Toronto dining scene. “In Toronto, there’s all these cool restaurants, which you can find recommendations for on sites like “blogTO.” Mohammed recalls the most recent restaurant he enjoyed and would recommend, Snakes and Lattes — a restaurant where patrons are able to play board games over appetizers and refreshments. “Toronto is filled with all these cool restaurants, each with their own unique spin. I highly recommend checking out as many as possible.”

Mohammed recommends looking for work with the city so you can pay for your nights out and days exploring the city sites & attractions. “I know the city of Toronto and Mississauga always have tonnes of jobs that that are open to the public.” Mohammed notes that jobs offered by the city require varying levels of experience and are hired based on previous skills and training.

Outside of working and eating, Mohammed highly recommends volunteering to best learn about Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). As an avid volunteer, Mohammed advised that students look into a program called Volunteer MBC, which allows volunteers within the GTA to select opportunities that fit their availability.

“Before I would have thought the chances of finding a specific time to volunteer would be unlikely, but what’s really cool about that website is that you just select a time you’re free, and it shows you all the opportunities available for that specific time,” says Mohammed. “All you do is click apply and you will receive an email confirming your invitation.” Mohamed went on to note that volunteering is an excellent way to get involved within the community, meet new people and make great friends.

If you want to find out more about the city of Mississauga & Toronto, and working/volunteer opportunities available to international students, make sure to connect with the International Education Centre by sending us an email at, or getting in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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