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With just a couple months left until you start your journey at the University of Toronto Mississauga, you may have begun wondering what programs and services we offer here at the IEC. Our summer staff have been working diligently to create various on and off campus opportunities for you to get involved, meet new people, and experience university to its fullest.

Read below to find out a little bit about our staff and what they hope to do for you this year.

UTM Abroad with Sherice

Sherice is a third-year Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) student working with the International Education Centre as a UTM Abroad Programming Assistant.

“It is my goal to spread awareness and educate students about the opportunities available for them to travel and learn while studying at University of Toronto Mississauga,” says Sherice.

UTM Abroad offers students the opportunity to travel during their fall or winter break and consists of two components: UTM Abroad Courses and UTM Co-Curricular Experiences.

Learn about the anthropology of gender in Tanzania, expand your knowledge of Italian Cuisine in Italy, visit sites of memory and memorials to victims of human rights violations in Chile and much more while earning academic credit towards your degree! UTM Abroad Courses are traditional courses offered by UTM with an embedded global experience over the fall/winter break period or during the summer.

Learn about fair trade coffee in Guatemala, explore traditional medicine and health care in Peru or discover voluntourism in Thailand. The UTM Abroad Co-Curricular Experiences allow you to participate in short-term international experiences that are recognized on your Co-Curricular Record.

“What makes me excited about this position is seeing students excel and enjoy new experiences. My passion for the UTM Abroad program and student affairs in general motivates my work daily,” says Sherice.

Join us for the experience of a lifetime! Applications for UTM Abroad Courses are OPEN NOW, applications for the UTM Abroad Co-Curricular Experiences will open on September 11, 2017.

Exchange with Jason

Jason, a fourth-year Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) student, is working as an Exchange Programming Assistant this year and is working hard to create awareness and inform students of the amazing exchange opportunities available to them.

UTM offers endless opportunities with more than 120 partner institutions in over 40 different countries. Jason says, “With so many partner schools across the world, it’s possible to satisfy almost any student’s academic interests and travel desires.” What are you waiting for?!

Jason suggests that all new students should attend the Study Abroad Fair in their first year. “Students who have previously been on an exchange answer questions and share their personal experiences overseas. This could get you thinking about doing an exchange of your own.”

Earn credits towards your degree while studying in London, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, Hong Kong and MANY MORE!

UTM Across Canada & Outreach with Hiba

Hiba, a fourth-year student studying Experimental Linguistics and Sociology, is working with the IEC as an Outreach Programming Assistant.

She is working excitedly and meticulously to help plan and shape our new UTM Across Canada program, where you (and your new friends!) can travel to various provinces and explore the diversity of Canada. “I’m excited for students to enjoy the experience we’ve created, tour historical buildings, wander around galleries and eat traditional cuisine in Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City,” says Hiba.

Hiba is also working on outreach initiatives and volunteer recruitment. The IEC Peer Ambassadors are a group of volunteers who assist and support international students, like yourselves, in their transition to UTM and will connect with you through events and activities. Join us at our events throughout the year to meet these awesome upper year students!

Applications for UTM Across Canada are OPEN NOW and will close on July 17, 2017.

UTM Across Canada & Events and Activities with Ashley 

Ashley, a recent Bachelor of Commerce graduate, is working as an Events Programming Assistant for the summer.

Ashley is working together with Hiba to develop the itinerary for the UTM Across Canada trip happening this fall in Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. “I am super excited about this program and I see a lot of value in students participating. What better way to experience Canada’s culture, heritage and history?” Ashley feels that UTM Across Canada is an amazing opportunity for both international and domestic students to see the beauty that Canada offers.

Ashley is also working to create many fun-filled internationally focused programs and events for the upcoming year! “I am excited that we will be able to repeat some of our past popular events but also create new events that will be fun, engaging, meaningful and catered to what you as students want,” says Ashley. Ashley’s goal is to bring together all students, celebrate culture and diversity and create a sense of community among us.

All of us at the IEC can’t wait to meet you!

We are super excited for your arrival and we hope that you will join us at our events, inquire about all our wonderful travel opportunities and stop by our office to say Hello! The International Education Centre is located in the Davis Building room 2071. You can also connect with us online, through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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