Why Canada?

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Travelling internationally can help you to expand your global mindset and get you thinking critically about world issues and the interconnectedness of our world. It’s an excellent way to prepare yourself for a competitive and globally focused work force upon your graduation, however, there’s still much that you can gain from applying this same perspective to understanding Canada and its place in the world. There is so much value in learning about Canada both for international and domestic students!

The IEC has chosen Canada as the location for travel experiences in order to:

  • Provide international students with a way to participate in a travel opportunity that does not require extra travel documentation or visas;
  • Prepare international students with an introduction to what life in Canada might be like and a deeper understanding of the country where they may one day call home;
  • Offer a way for domestic students to understand more about their own country;
  • Respond to your requests; in the Fall 2016 IEC survey, 33% of respondents told us they wanted to travel across the country and learn more about Canada.

UTM Across Canada has the following learning outcomes:

  • Provide students with an opportunity to explore the diversity of Canada. Each region has its own distinct personality and unique features and we want you to experience this;
  • Assist students in exploring and appreciating the physical landscape of Canada;
  • Arrange for hands-on opportunities to understand the social and cultural nuances that have helped to shape each region;
  • Offer an engaging outside-the-classroom learning experience that will help students draw connections from regions across Canada to their own local communities;
  • Design an affordable travel experience that assists students in developing their global awareness levels and intercultural competencies.

Check back soon to learn about our first destination!

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