7 Essential Immigration Tips

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Immigration can be complex, and we here at the IEC want to help simplify the process with these 7 essential tips from our FREE expert immigration advisor.

TIP 1: Ensure your study permit is valid

Did you know your secondary school permit does not authorize you to study at the University of Toronto Mississauga? It is illegal to study without a valid study permit and you could face serious consequences. It is very important that you obtain a permit that authorizes you to study at the university level for the duration of your study program.

TIP 2: UTM offers FREE immigration advising

Skip out on paying an Immigration Consultant or Lawyer. The University of Toronto Mississauga offers FREE immigration advising to UTM students through the International Education Centre (IEC). Feel free to drop by and speak with our International Student Immigration Advisor for immigration advice, including study or work permit, permanent residency, and much more.

TIP 3: Keep the originals at home

To avoid lost or stolen documents, keep your passport and study permit at home. Instead, make a photocopy of these important documents, or simply take a photo of them with your phone and ensure that they are encrypted. There are many applications available for download for encryption purposes.

TIP 4: If you wish to work or stay, full-time is the way

When it comes to your immigration status, part-time versus full-time studies makes a difference. If you wish to work on or off campus while studying, or, obtain a post-graduate work permit in Canada, full-time status during your studies will be required.

TIP 5: Plans for traveling while studying?

Proper immigration documents and a valid passport are essential! When traveling outside of Canada be sure to review your documentation to make sure you will be able to return to the country. For example, if you are here on a study permit you need to make sure it will be valid upon your re-entry into Canada. The same applies to those who need to acquire a temporary resident visa (TRV) or an electronic travel authorization (eTA).

TIP 6: Best before expiry

Be sure not to let your study permit or passport expire! Avoid this headache by applying 90 days before the expiry date. Make sure your study permit expiry date is accurate on ACORN so the IEC can send you reminders to update your documents.

TIP 7: Don’t be afraid to ask questions

The IEC is here to help anyone that may have questions. Don’t be afraid to drop by our office in the Davis Building (DV2071), send us an email at international.utm@utoronto.ca, call us at 905-569-4716, check us out online at utm.utoronto.ca/international, or get in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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