AccessAbility Services

Reading Time: 2 minutesA large number of international students at UTM drop out or are struggling academically. Many of these students require accommodations through the Health & Counselling Centre or the AccessAbility Resource Centre. However, they are either unaware about these services or are hesitant to visit the offices due to the stigma around it and lack of Read more about AccessAbility Services[…]

Discovering UTM Beyond the Classroom

Reading Time: 2 minutesA few years back, the University of Toronto was a name that I associated to brilliant minds, a place I would probably never see in my life. But, fate always likes to mess with you and bam…in the Winter of 2015 I landed in Toronto and I too became an Eagle! We are all from Read more about Discovering UTM Beyond the Classroom[…]

My First Thanksgiving in Canada

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe first public holiday I experienced in Canada was Thanksgiving. This was a month after leaving my home country of Nigeria to study in Canada as an international student. I had never heard of Thanksgiving before so when October came around I was very confused as to what to do and what the holiday meant. Read more about My First Thanksgiving in Canada[…]

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Reading Time: 2 minutesImagine the feeling. You’re sitting on the edge of your seat, surrounded by thousands of fans cheering, shouting for the home team, the flow of suspense going through your veins when the pitcher throws the ball and finally the gush of adrenaline when your team finally hits a home run. Pandemonium hits- the stadium explodes! Read more about Take Me Out to the Ball Game[…]

Explore the IEC!

Reading Time: 2 minutesAs the hot summer days draw to a close, it’s time to embrace a new academic year. The first week of school is filled with plentiful opportunities to get involved on campus, and departments running events to welcome new and returning students. Here at the International Education Centre, we asked staff to reveal six things Read more about Explore the IEC![…]

Arrival in Canada & Post-Arrival Checklist

Reading Time: 2 minutesArrival in Canada When you arrive to Toronto Pearson International Airport, don’t be afraid to ask people for guidance When you go through customs, present your documents to the Canada Border Service Agency Officer and answer any questions they may ask you Tip: keep your documents with you instead of putting them in your checked Read more about Arrival in Canada & Post-Arrival Checklist[…]

Mark your Calendars…

Reading Time: 2 minutesThere will be many simultaneous events, activities and sessions happening on campus throughout the first couple weeks of September, so let’s explore what the IEC is offering: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 Labour Day. University Closed 5 Classes Begin 6 IEC Open House 11am to 2pm 7 IEC Open Read more about Mark your Calendars…[…]

Discovering Mississauga and Toronto

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhether you come from near or far, moving to a new city comes with new faces, new streets and new places to explore. Read about how third year commerce student Mohammed Asad is involved with the City of Mississauga and his recommendations for places & restaurants people should check out! When it comes to the Read more about Discovering Mississauga and Toronto[…]

Your Pre-Arrival Checklist & How to Prepare for the Canadian Climate

Reading Time: 2 minutesWith the school year fast approaching you may be excited and overwhelmed by your decision to study in Canada. The International Education Centre has compiled a list of tasks for you to consider prior to your arrival in Canada to help you navigate your transition. Completed Tasks: Applied for your post-secondary study permit and Electronic Read more about Your Pre-Arrival Checklist & How to Prepare for the Canadian Climate[…]

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